Are you feeling stiff and exhausted? Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and injuries are common in offices with poor-fitting office furniture. According to OSHA, MSDs accounted for 33 percent of all workplace injuries. Taking a few moments each day to stretch can reduce the risk of workplace injuries. Check out these stretches you can do without leaving your workspace.

The Elbow Pump

This exercise is a great warm-up and can be done in just about any work environment. It will help loosen your arm muscles.

  1. Take your right arm and stretch it up.
  2. Bend your elbow to move your forearm down and touch your left shoulder blade.
  3. Repeat with your left arm, bending your elbow to touch your right shoulder blade.
  4. Repeat steps one through three five times for each arm.

Forward Bend

Push your chair back and ensure you have enough room to bend down. This exercise will help loosen your hamstrings.

  1. Stand up with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Bend forward at the hips, bringing your chest towards your thighs.
  3. Let the top of your head drop towards the floor and your arms hang loose.
  4. Take eight to ten breaths and come back up.

The Chest Opener

For those of you stuck at a desk, this is a great exercise to help loosen chest, shoulder, and neck muscles. This can even be done in tighter workspaces, just ensure that the person behind you doesn’t need additional space.

  1. Clasp your hands together behind you.
  2. Place your arms on top of your chair back.
  3. Drop your chin to your chest.
  4. Hold this pose for eight to ten breaths and release your hands.
  5. Take a 10-second break and repeat all the steps above.

The Bobble Head

Feeling some tightness in the back of your head and neck muscles? This rotation will help loosen any tension you might feel.

  1. Lean your head down.
  2. Slowly rotate your head from left to right, bringing your ear towards your shoulder.
  3. Repeat.

The Proposal

If you have weak or sore knees, this is a great exercise for you. Ensure that you have enough space to stand and stretch.

  1. Get down with one knee on the floor at about 90 degrees.
  2. Hold for five seconds.
  3. Switch and repeat ten times.

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