Let’s face it: trying to concentrate on projects and assignments for eight hours is tough. In fact, CareerBuilder says that 21 percent of workers spend one hour or more searching the Internet for non-work reasons. There are also other distractions like text messages and office gossip that can make your work environment unproductive. However, in most offices, there is that one person who does not let their distractions get in his or her way, and gets anything and everything done before deadlines. This “energetic employee” is a model to follow and might exhibit the following traits:

They Inspire

High-energy people bring a boost to employee morale and can help inspire your employees. There are two types of high-energy people: those who are strong and make physical fitness a priority, and those who have a strong mind and intelligent ideas. High-energy employees are great at working with co-workers on projects and can increase innovation in the office through collaboration.

They Know When To Take A Break

Energetic employees know when they feel exhausted or run out of ideas on a project. They know that sitting at your desk all day is not the best idea. They go for walks or fit their workouts in during their lunch break. While they may work a few extra hours here and there, they are professionals when it comes to productivity. They know that vacation time is for relaxing, not for working.

They Eat Healthy Foods

The energetic employee shies away from the candy bar around 4 p.m. Instead, they try to live a healthy lifestyle. By snacking on almonds, grapes, blueberries, and other healthy snacks, they are giving their body the food they need to get through afternoon slumps. They look for snacks that will give them power throughout their day, without crashing from a sugar overload.

They Care for Others

This not only applies to office situations, but personal situations as well. The high-energy employee wants to know their co-workers on a more personal level. Whether it is their boss, or an intern in their department, these workers check in with others to see how they are doing and offer assistance. Remember there is no “I” in team!

They Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Adults are advised to sleep for seven to nine hours, according to a recent study from the National Sleep Foundation. A well-rested body makes for an alert mind. This aspect is the key ingredient to being a productive employee, both physically and mentally.

While everyone may not be cut out to be the “energetic employee”, there is something to be gained from living at least one of our healthy lifestyle suggestions.


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